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What We Provide

We provide games and quizzes that are used as interactive supplemental learning materials for students from elementary through high school.

This is for parents, including those of home-schoolers, who wish to enhance their children’s learning experience with interactive game play. The grades that this is ideal for are 3rd graders through 12th grade.  These activities are great for use at daycare, before and after school programs, E&I and more.

QR Codes for Interactive Learning

QR Codes are a great tool that is used to connect with online content, they are easy to use, and can be found just about anywhere.  Here, we use QR codes for interactive learning.  Your student can access the questions and other content in our learning activities by scanning the SCANTrivia QR Codes! This allows for interactive learning that can be done individually or in a group.  Most of these activities will require access to the Internet which is accessible with a mobile phone or tablet.  There are also some activities that have SCANTrivia QR Codes that do not require Internet access.  Each activity states the requirements.

We are a Qualified Education Service Provider

Our vision is to help students gain access to tools that will help them on their journey with learning. Learning never stops and games is a great way to make this happen. Participants of the Ohio After-school Child Enrichment Educational Savings Program can submit a claim for reimbursement through app.aceohio.org!

How can learning through games help my student?

According to research, learning activities such as the ones provided by Learn with SCANTrivia, provide many benefits to helping students.  Here are just a few:

  • Games allow for students to build confidence and new skills.

  • Games allow for students to experiment through trial and error and learn in the process.

  • Games provide students the opportunity to find solutions to problems.

The activities provided by us are not highly competitive and can be aligned with learning outcomes.  For example, if a student is learning the Periodic Table of Elements at school, they can improve their knowledge of them using the Periodic Table of Elements Interactive Trivia.  The student can then study, in their own time, to increase their knowledge of the elements, build an emotional connection to the subject, and increase their self esteem, while working at their own pace. 

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Periodic Table of Elements - 118

$40 (Ohio ACE Savings Program Eligible*)

The periodic table of elements is the foundation of chemistry. Did you know that there are actually 118 elements? It can be hard to learn all of the information, that's why we're here for you! Click here to discover how Learn with SCANTrivia will help you obtain knowledge about different elements, their symbols and their properties with fun questions and answers. We hope you enjoy learning!

*Participants of the Ohio After-school Child Enrichment Educational Savings Program can submit a claim for this to item to be paid for using an invoice (which we will provide to you) through app.aceohio.org!

why Learn with SCANTrivia?

easy to use

Our quizzes and games are easy to use and students can work alone or with a partner!

no app download required

That's right!  No app download required!  The QR Code reader is embedded right in your phone's camera!

Family friendly

Quizzes are designed to be family friendly.  The content in the quizzes are created for specific age groups which is displayed in the description.

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Quick Delivery

Our products are digital which means you can download them once payment is processed.  Oh, did we mention that participants of the Ohio After-school Child Enrichment Educational Savings Program can purchase these items through the program? This means no upfront costs! Click here to learn more!

makes learning fun

Our easy to use activities along with SCANTrivia elements makes learning fun!  You and your student will love learning with SCANTrivia!

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Get support anytime by contacting us!  We are happy to help!


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