Job Readiness Basics Quiz

Age/Grade Group: Perfect for 11th and 12th Grade

Your high school student may be ready to apply for their first job. But all those years in high school don't prepare you for the interview. The Job Readiness Quiz is a quick and easy way to figure out what you need to do to prepare for not only the interview, but success in the workplace. The Job Readiness Basics Quiz is a fun way to get you to think about what you need to do for your job interview. There are 16 different questions in all, and each one comes with a QR code so you can easily play on your phone.

What you receive:

A PDF (Printable) that has SCANTrivia QR Codes on them that lead to questions related job readiness.

Easy to follow instructions on How to Play!

A PDF (Printable) with game pieces that your student will use with the learning activity.

Answer key!

Requires Internet Access

This activity required Internet access, if you prefer to have this activity without having Internet access, please check out our Interactive Printables!

Job Readiness Basics

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