Periodic Table of Elements Interactive Printable 20 Questions – Elements 21-40

Periodic Table of Elements 20 Questions - Interactive Printable

The periodic table of elements is the foundation of chemistry. Did you know that there are actually 118 elements? It's really hard to learn all of the information, that's why we're here for you! Learn with SCANTrivia will help you learn about different elements, their symbols and their properties with fun questions and answers. We hope you enjoy learning!

Science Trivia is a fun and interactive way to learn more about basic science. You can answer the questions then check your work by using your phone to scan the QR Codes. Science Trivia is perfect for students in 4th grade and up.  These are perfect for inside and outside of the classroom or home school environment since no Internet connection is required.


A PDF (Interactive Printable) with 20 Questions on the elements 21-40 in the Periodic Table of Elements!

Answer key!

A PDF (Printable) that does not have SCANTrivia QR codes so that the instructor can reveal the answers at a time of their choosing.

This package also includes a Periodic Table of Elements for you to keep for reference!

No Internet Required!

Periodic table of elements 1b 21-40

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