Qualified Education Service Provider


We are a Qualified Education Service Provider!

Our vision is to help students gain access to tools that will help them on their journey with learning. Learning never stops and games is a great way to make this happen.  Participants of the Ohio After-school Child Enrichment Educational Savings Program can submit a claim for reimbursement through app.aceohio.org! 

Place your order by completing the ACE Ohio Order Form.  We will email you an invoice so that you can submit it for payment via https://app.aceohio.org

Once the invoice has been approved, you will be able to access your purchase!

2 Ways to obtain our products with the Ohio ACE Savings Account

Option 1:  Parent/Guardian pays for the goods on our website then submit for reimbursement with the Ohio ACE app.  Payments will be sent directly via a claim submission that includes a receipt and as long as the parent/guardian has their bank account connected to the app: https://app.aceohio.org.

Option 2:  Place your order using the Ohio ACE order form and submit a claim by uploading the invoice to the Ohio ACE app (https://app.aceohio.org).

Watch the video to learn how to submit your invoice for reimbursement

Types of Products we offer

quizzes and trivia
Quizzes and trivia

Interactive quizzes are great for students to do independently or with another person. Requires Internet access.

interactive printable
Interactive Printables

Perfect for times when you want your student to work on an activity that does not require Internet access. You can print them, or use them directly on a tablet, such as an Ipad. QR Codes are included which allow students to self-check their work.

spanish gif
Presentations and Videos

Presentations are activities that are either in a video or presentation format.  Does not require the Internet.

Periodic table of elements 118
Periodic Table of Elements QR Code Learning Activity
As a science student, you're not always taught the basics. You're expected to know them. This game is designed to help you with the most basic of science. It's a fun way to get your brain exercising before the big test, or just for the heck of it! There are 118 different questions in all, and each one comes with a QR code so you can easily play on your phone. Click here to learn more!